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5-minute gratitude pages - futurekid

5-minute gratitude pages

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Here are the 5 minute gratitude pages for future children. Simply print it and do together. Because gratitude and positive thinking can be learned! It's best to start as early as possible. With this little ritual you can playfully review your kids day in 5 to 10 minutes together every day. We live in turbulent times. Therefore, it is most important to pause and be aware of what we are grateful for in our life. With this pdf download you can do this valuable exercise with your child every evening.

And very special: 

You can print it out every week and fill a whole year with positive thinking, gratitude and happiness.

It is great that you can use these suggestions to get some news about your day out of even the most un-chatty child. Why was your day green? Or why is this mood red?

That makes it much easier to talk about things that happened. We recommend filling out a page for 5-10 minutes a day.


Why is it so important to express gratitude in the form of a positive review of the day?

Because positive emotions are encouraged and thus help build up resources. They also expand our perception, which in turn makes us open to see and experience even more positive things. Physically, the immune system is strengthened, on the emotional level, self-efficacy and self-acceptance, as well as optimism, flexibility and resilience increase. Positive emotions are nutrients for mental health. This is particularly important in these difficult times.

Your download includes:

  • PDF-file: 7 Days Gratitude-pages DIN A4
  • PDF-file: DIY Folder DIN A4



Use recycled paper whenever possible. Print out the file, cut all the pages into 2 parts on the dotted line and you have your 5-minute gratitude pages for 7 days. You can keep them in a self-made folder, which is also part of the download.